Kids Music With A Twist

Good old YouTube comes to the rescue once again...  If you have kids, I'm fairly sure you can relate to this.  :D


Expensive Weekend

Well I've been procrastinating about it for about a year...  To get a new truck or not to get a new truck.  As much as I like the 'burb, Kim hates it and it truthfully is bigger than we really need.  So I've been looking at trucks since at least this time last year.  I've spec'd out Sierras, F-150's, F-250's, Tundras, Tacomas, Rams, Dakotas and even an Audi Q7.  But the one that's consistently caught my eye for it's good balance between size, function, features and (in my opinion at least) looks has been the Ridgeline.  By chance, Consumer Reports' auto buyer's guide this year named Honda as their make of choice for consumer satisfaction.  That didn't turn the tide (the Sierra 1500 was their pickup of choice), but it didn't hurt the case either.

Since McMurray doesn't have a Honda dealership,  I coaxed Kim into a test drive on Friday afternoon while we were down in Edmonton...  After pouring through the truck (the backseats received a positive review from the two most frequent occupants) and both of us taking it out for a spin, we decided it was time.  So, aside from the color and a few of the trimmings, what you see in the image above should look very similar to what will be sitting in my driveway (although in metallic grey) about two weeks from now.  :D

I couldn't bring myself to spring $3,000 for the Honda DVD system, and I decided to pass on the running boards, but there aren't many other features it doesn't have.  I went  for the EX-L NAVI trim level, so things like a moonroof, leather seats and a premium sound system are all standard fare.  When the dealer got to the "Lower Front Bumper Treatment" (the little pushbar in the image above), Kim started grinning...  It reminded both of us of the brush guard that I liked so on my beloved Dakota.  Fortunately she didn't object when I added that to the package too.

Anyway, sounds like Kim's out of the shower and we have to hit the highway for home in a bit.  (Too bad it won't be in the Ridgeline!)


For a long time now, I've been looking for a simple way to geotag my photos...  Most of the easy options up to this point have involved high end pro-sumer cameras, expensive adaptors and obsolete GPS devices.  Today though, I came across the ATP Photo Finder on the Vistek website.  This nifty little gadget works by logging the time and coordinates while you take pictures.  Once you're done snapping photos, you insert the media card into the Photo Finder and it then uses the timestamp from the files to insert the GPS coordinates into the EXIF data from the memory card.  (Of course this means you have to carry the Photo Finder with you and assumes that you have the time on your camera somewhere near sync with the GPS satelites, but neither of those requirements should be particularly burdensome.)

 Unfortunately none of my usual camera stops have this thing in stock at the moment, but you can be certain I'll be picking one up very soon!  :D



Evan has an imaginary friend!

Lately Evan has been talking a lot about a new found...or thought up, friend. I guess it isn't your traditional imaginary friend but he does seem to enjoy his company. It is a ghost. He doesn't have a name except for "Friend Ghost". He is also sometimes a she. Friend Ghost plays all the games Evan likes to play and will even take the blame should anything punishable take place! Evan brings his friend everywhere...I wonder how long it will be until I need to set a place at the table for Evan's special friend?

The sweetest Boy award goes to Evan!

Evan has got to be one of the sweetest and kindest boys around...but I'm not biased. He is always looking out for his younger brother and making sure Conner gets his share of the fun! And today was no exception. Corey and I gave the boys each a Smarties Valentine. They both were having a taste when Evan found a mis-shapen red smartie in his treat which happen to look like a heart. He looked at it, showed it to me and then immediately gave it to Conner as a gift to him! How sweet and thoughtful is that? Now, they have their fair share of squabbles in a day but in the end Evan truely loves his younger brother...and that just melts my heart!

Grandma Boisvert arrives for a visit...finally!

After a week of delays due to weather, Grandma Boisvert finally made it to Fort McMurray for a visit! She originally wanted to come to celebrate her grandson's birthday but it was just to cold with poor driving conditions to venture all this way. We all had a great time with her here. Conner opened his birthday presents from her...with a lot of help (some of it unwanted) from Evan. She had a great time chasing the boys around the house and playing hide and seek. I had a good visit with her too. And, of course, our visit wouldn't be complete without a trip (or two) to Reitmans for some much needed (OK, well maybe just much WANTED) new clothes! It was a very fun week with Grandma when are you coming for your next visit?!

Conner turns 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I've decided to start adding stories about our family onto our web page...hopefully I won't be lazy about it as has happened in the past!

Yesterday Conner, our baby, turned 2. Hard to believe he is already this old. It was just us and uncle Matt at the celebration. I made Conner a chocolate cake and decorated it like a monkey was cute. He is still pretty new to this birthday thing so he was very excited to learn people gave him presents to open in addition to eating cake. As he opened each present, he gave a look of complete joy and excitment at what he had received...even though he couldn't figure out what some of the gifts were. When Corey asked him what present Mom and Dad gave him he said "cake"...hilarious! It was fun to watch him enjoy his birthday. Our 2 year old is learning to talk in complete sentences, can count to 10 by himself and is always good for a thrilling game of chase with his brother. Can't wait to see what the coming year will bring! Happy birthday, my sweet boy!

Always good for a laugh...

Well, you just had to see the title of this YouTube clip ("Jurasic Fart") to know that it was going to be a hit with Evan...  Dinosaurs and farting...  Two of his favorite things.  ;)


Past Due

Well, I have to admit that I'm past due to update the site.  We got back from California a little over three weeks ago, but the 1000 or so pictures I took have been languishing on the hard drive ever since.  Probably doesn't help that I've been working, working and working more.  Hopefully that will change going forward!

 In any case, check out the Gallery for the latest photo updates...  Evan was too scared of Mickey to get a photo, but Mater and Lightning McQueen were another story altogether.


More "music videos"

Well in light of the popularity of the last two, and in the spirit of our pending Disney vacation, here's a couple more to keep Kim and the boys entertained.  ;)


And one more that I couldn't resist:

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