BP Refinery Explosion

For those of you who work in a heavy industrial or refinery setting like I do, you may be interested in this website. It was set up in response to the refinery explosion that occurred in Texas City, Texas late last month. Tragically, 15 people lost their lives in this incident and many more were injured.

The BP site doesn't go into a great lot of detail. However, what I understand of this incident was that most (if not all) of those killed worked for Jacobs Engineering out of their California office. They were apparently in an "Atco" (type temporary trailer, having recently completing a maintenance turnaround on the plant that blew up. Sounds from the BP site as though the explosion was related to their vent stack facilities.

More to learn from this incident yet to be sure.

In Memorium

Harvey Arthur Boisvert

July 8, 1951 - March 27, 2005

Harvey Arthur Boisvert was born in Bonnyville on July 8, 1951 to Jeanne and Art Boisvert. Harvey's early years were spent with his four sibblings: George, Dennis, Yvette and Louise.

An entrepreneur from an early age, Harvey left high school in Grade 10 to attend Barbering School at NAIT. Never a procrastinator, shortly after returning from NAIT Harvey set up his first business in 1968. "Harvey's Barbering Shop" was located on the air base at Cold Lake, and Harvey ran it successfully for twenty-five years.

Perpendicular hard drives

And now for some unabashed gankage from badmonkey.ca. (Sorry, alien!)
For all you technology buffs out there, check out Hitachi's new hard drive design. That 20GB iPod or your 400GB hard drive are about to become 200GB and 4TB (that would be TERABYTES). And it's a damn cool video.

Buying a House in McMurray?

Hey, hey... Now that I have this site getting to look like what I want it to look like, you should take a moment to see what our cousin Doug can do. (Of course, I think he cheated and actually paid someone to do his site.)


Have added a couple of new gadgets to the site. You should now see a CBC news feed for both Alberta and B.C. along the right hand side. There should also be a weather forecast along the left hand side that covers most (though definitely not all) of our home towns.

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Going "Public"

As of this evening, this site has officially gone "public". Welcome to all members of the Smart family and interested friends.
As I said in the welcome email, there's not a whole lot on this site just yet. However, I think it's finally in a state that I may actually be able to update on some sort of regular basis. And of course, those of you who are interested can sign up for your own accounts and contribute your own news.

For now, feel free to poke around the photo albums that I promised you and sign up for an account.

If you're interested in getting an email address @thesmarts.ca, send me an email with your request. Make sure to let me know whether you want a "real" email address (you have to log in to this server to get your mail), or whether you want me to forward your mail to another address.

Also let me know if you have any ideas for the site. I haven't played around with the whole capability of GeekLog yet, but it looks very promising. Should be able to do quite a bit with it, as you might have guessed by now...

In any event, welcome aboard. Hope you like what you see.

Site Updated

Although it may be transparent to 99.999% of the general population, I've now updated this site to the latest version of GeekLog. In addition, you may notice that you will no longer see "/geeklog" at the end of the URL in your browser. Not a big deal, but it was sure as heck bugging me...

Anyway, once again about time for bed. I wonder how long it will take to get to sle...

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