Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day


September 19 officially be International Talk Like A Pirate Day... Heave to and prepare to be bored-ed. :)

Sharon, Lois & Bram - It Ain't

Well, I had completely forgotten about all those fun songs that kids love to sing and dance to until tonight.  Evan was singing some song off of The Lost World and it made me think of the old Witchdoctor song from Sharon, Lois and Bram.  Not so surprisingly, I couldn't find a YouTube video of Sharon, Lois & Bram, but I did come across this Anime version that Evan seems to enjoy...  Posted here for Kim's sanity (soon to be insanity) so that she can find it again tomorrow when the kids are asking:


Moving On

Well, after nine years at Syncrude I've officially "pushed the button" and will be moving on to new opportunities. Having been in McMurray for 27 years now and still having at least 23 more years to retirement, I went looking for an opportunity to "get out". So when I tell you that I'll be walking across the street to start work at Suncor next month, you might think I'm nuts. Well, yeah I just might be. However, I'm not actually going to work for Suncor...

Starting October 1, I will be working for Transfield Asset Management Services as the Maintenance Execution Manager for Suncor's Upgrader. Despite this being exactly the kind of job I was looking for, what really excites me is the potential for growth. Transfield is new to Canada, having cut their teeth in the refinery maintenance business in Australia and subsequently expanded across the globe. I've got no idea whether they'll ever expand beyond where they are now, but I think the potential is there for them to grow significantly... If they do, then I'm in at the ground floor of their first foray into Canada. And if they never go anywhere or they go belly up, then I've taken a risk. But what in life is without some risk?

Anyway, to those of you who might be reading this from Syncrude, I wish you all the best. I've been privileged to work with some phenomenal folks over the years, and it's not without some remorse that I have decided to move on. I haven't left town, and by virtue of the fact that you've found this website, you know how to get in touch... Drop me a line when you have the chance!



Mom and Dad have been off in Scotland for a few weeks and sent the boys these postcards...  Thought we'd share them here for you to enjoy.


2007 Family Reunion

Well, I suppose this isn't technically a story for theSmarts (given that this is actually a Knoll family reunion) but we're off in Parksville for a couple of weeks. Mom has been planning her family reunion for a little over a year now and the big day arrives tomorrow. So far we're the only ones here, but there is a whole gaggle of folks due to arrive beginning today and tomorrow.

 We're staying at Mom and Dad's cabin at Beach Acres, which is where the reunion proper is actually being held.
The boys are enjoying the beach, and with a whole night of uninterrupted sleep last night, so are we. They have to share a room and the first night didn't go quite so well, but I think the lack of sleep caught up with them yesterday and things went a little better yesterday. I've also fired off about 150 photos so far, so you can see the highlights in the updated photo album.

Updated - Site Overhaul In Progress...

The site updates are complete for now. There are still a few little things I'd like to do, but they'll come later. For the most part, the changes are fairly cosmetic.  However, there are a few new features if you look closely.  (Like, you can now submit a link to be shared with other users.)  Most important for me, however, is the new captcha feature.  Not that most of you have been a problem, but I was starting to get dozens of emails daily from bogus users and annoying spam-bots.  (For those of you thinking this new security measure might be annoying, you should only notice this if you are signing-up for a new account, sending feedback or requesting a new password.)  This should also help to keep the site clear of internet uglies that don't belong on a family website!

Hope you like the updates!


Photo Updates

Well the warm weather is finally here..  With it, the boys have been making the most of the backyard and the sandbox again.  Conner is right in there with Evan this year and enjoying the sand and grit.  There's a few new photos in the albums, for those of you who might like to see them.

Playing peacefully together (for 10 seconds at a time)
Hope the summer weather finds you enjoying it as much as we are! 


My What a Big Truck You Have...

We took the boys to the interpretive centre a few weeks ago.  As you might guess, Evan was quite impressed with the big trucks and the diggers.  I didn't think we were going to get him out of the Heavy Hauler to see the rest of the place...  There are a few new photos in the gallery if you want to see them.


Hello, Petunia

It seems Mom has adopted anew animal. This one probably won't be begging at the Kitchen table any time soon... But maybe Petunia will be at the kitchen table?




Happy 25th, Matt!!!

Happy 25th, Matt!!!
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