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Well, I've been waffling on getting a satellite radio for about 3 years now.  At first I used the excuse that it was too complicated back when you had to have a US address to sign up, even though I know lots of folks up here who had done it.  (Apparently there was even an internet outfit that catered to that very detail as part of their sales pitch for Canadians by providing an american mailing address you could use when signing up.)  And when satellite radio finally launched in Canada, I said I didn't want to because I had a 20-GB MP3 player, so what was the point of a subscription radio service?  And there's the crux of it, what it really came down to was I didn't want to pay a monthly fee for radio service...

I got over it...  After listening to the local radio DJ's drone on and on about the merits of UFC, followed by another 5-hour drive to Edmonton with the same tired old songs, I just couldn't take it any more!  So before I turned around for another 5-hour drive home, I went out and got myself a new Sirius radio.  Initial impression?  Not bad.  The music is good, the hardware was easy to install and it even includes live streaming radio over the internet for in the house.  I even like the auto-search feature that seeks out your favorite songs and artists and lets you know if they are playing on another channel.  And, of course, the drive home was much more pleasent with a little fresh music along the way.

On the downside, the home kit I bought came with a defective AC adaptor.  I tried calling the warranty service line and they insisted that I take it to a retailer ("any retailer") in town for an exchanger.  Not surprisingly, the local retailers were glad to help... until they found out that I bought it in Edmonton.  So another call to Erikson (the manufacturer of the Sirius hardware) and I'm waiting for a call back while they determine whether they can send me a replacement adaptor.  Guess there's still some hope...  Maybe I'll be listening to satellite radio in my living room yet.

And people wonder why McMurray gets a bad rap?

And people wonder why McMurray gets a bad rap?

Well we were in Edmonton for the weekend and ended up coming home a day early because Conner wasn't feeling well.  I was contemplating whether I might go in to work today, since I had booked the day off...  My mind was made up when I saw this as I was checking email.  Time to go back upstairs and pull the covers up over my head.

Hinterland Who's Who...

While I can't claim to have discovered this on my own (thanks!) this video is most definitely one you should check this out.  If you've ever wondered about the effects of drugs and alcohol, this video should answer all your questions... courtesy of some unsuspecting spiders who were subjected to various intoxicants in the name of science.

Happy New Year!

What is it they say?  "Out with the old... In with the new?"

2007 already!  Hard to believe that another year has gone by already.  2006 was certainly a full year when I look back, I suppose...  It started off with Conner's arrival in January.  After that was the much delayed, yet highly anticipated (by some of us) start up of 8-3 Coker, and shortly thereafter the shutdown of 8-3 Coker.  Skip forward another month or so and we come to Dad's (well earned) retirement and a trip up to Lake Athabasca where dad enjoyed his first of many trips as a retiree.  Then in August, we celebrated again for Evan's third birthday.  Shortly afterwards, with the problems on 26-1 finally sorted out we got 8-3 Coker back up and running late in the summer, just in time for me to head off to Halifax and participate in an OIMS Assessment at the Imperial refinery there.  Little did I know then how relevant that would become when Syncrude announced their new management services agreement with Imperial just after Kim and I got back from visiting Mom and Dad in Parksville.  Another month or so of busy days brought us to December and all the seasonal festivities that come with that.  Of course, Christmas was the highlight of the year for the little guys.  And now here we are in 2007...  Gotta wonder what's ahead for the next 12 months.

Whatever 2006 had for you, I hope it was good!  And whatever 2007 brings I hope is better!  Happy new year!

Site update in progress...

Yowser!  If you haven't noticed that the site is currently undergoing some "minor" cosmetic changes, you're most likely reading this from a braille terminal.  I'm not yet convinced I like the new look, so it's likely to undergo some more changes before long...  Bear with me for a little while!  Once I'm done, I'll see about setting up the old theme as an option for anyone who would prefer that.

New photos in the gallery

Just in case you're interested, there are some new photos in the Gallery...  Will be adding to the album over the Christmas period, so check back for updates.

DIY 3D Mouse

Ever wanted to have a computer mouse that you could use in mid air?  I know I'd like to have one for controlling my PC while I'm on the crosstrainer.  (I tend to watch movies / TV or listen to music on the PC while I work out.)  Well, here's an article on how to build one yourself...  Not quite as sophisticated as Nintendo's "wii-mote", but the concept is so simple you'll wonder why you didn't figure it out yourself.  I might just try this out!

Merry Christmas

from Corey, Kim, Evan and Conner!!!

 Christmas Tree Well, we've been somewhat negligent in mailing out cards this year, but that doesn't mean that we're not thinking of you.  So forgive this shoddy excuse for a Christmas greeting and go enjoy the season! Christmas Tree

Wishing you all the very best for this Christmas and the new year!


King Ralph?

Its probably a good thing for Ralph that he's retired from public office...  After the hooplah they gave Peter McKay, I can't imagine what the fall out would be from his latest speech.  :D

Coming to you live from Windows Vista

Well, my PC is now officially running Windows Vista RC1...  Have been getting a few blue-screens lately that seem to relate to my ATA hard drive drivers.  Fortunately, my main Windows XP system runs on SATA and doesn't seem to be affected, but whenever I copy files to or from my older ATA drive, the system crashes.  I've now installed Vista on that same drive with no problems, so I'm guessing that it's purely a driver problem...  Windows Update suggsted I update the drivers a few days ago (coincidentally about the same time my problems began), so I might yet be able to salvage the old beast.

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