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Looks good for Mr. Harper

Well folks, the preliminary reports from Elections Canada are showing the Conservatives with 110 seats to the Liberals 88. Obviously a few more polls and a few more votes to be counted, but could be that Canada's in for a change... Guess we'll see how this pans out tomorrow.

Actually, on closer inspection, this could be even more interesting than I thought... Not terribly different than I expected, mind you, but interesting nonetheless. With the numbers they're showing now, we're in for another minority governement - this time with the Conservatives at the helm. My guess is we'll be back to the polls some time before the end of the year.

Free* Music

Interested in getting some free* music? Check out They have a free trial where you can download up to 50 free .mp3 files. Haven't tried it out myself, but I think I'll come back to it later and see how it pans out. Their subscription service entitles you to 40 .mp3 songs per month for a cost of $9.99... Not too bad at all.

*You do need a credit card to sign up, but can cancel after you've downloaded the songs if you don't like it.

Create your own wishlists

Kim is always giving me a hard time because I never have an up to date wish list of things I'd like when Christmas or my birthday roll around. Likewise, Kim never seems to have a complete list for me... So I was going to try and write a new module for Drupal, but as it turns out someone beat me to the punch. So, checkout the new wishlist section of Feel free to create your own to let us know what you want.

Just remember, Kim: you asked for it. ;)

PS: You'll have to be logged in before you can create or view a wishlist! If you're not logged in, it will tell you that there are no wishlists on this site.

BP Refinery Incident

For those of you working in the industry, I'm sure that there are very few who have NOT heard about the tragic incident that occured last March in Texas City. There has been no shortage of articles and safety alerts that have come out since, but this video from the Chemical Safety Board is by far the most complete picture of what is believed to have occurred.

Nikon Abandons 35mm Film

Now there's timing for you... Just last week I took possession of my latest "toy", a Nikon D50 digital SLR. Yesterday, Nikon announced that they are getting out of the 35mm SLR business in order to focus on digital cameras.

Excerpt of the press release from

Following the success of our digital line-up over the last seven years, which has resulted in more than 95% of Nikon’s UK business being within the digital area, Nikon Corporation has made the decision to focus management resources on digital cameras in place of film cameras. This decision will allow Nikon to continue to develop products that match the demands of an increasingly competitive market place.

I guess the digital age is dawning in full. Nikon has committed to continue making and supporting their professional grade film-based camera, the F6. I have to admit that I've still got a fondness for the old Pentax K1000 and that grainy B&W film that we used in Industrial Arts class, so I hope it doesn't disappear altogether. Moves like this are a pretty clear indication that there's not much money left to be made in 35mm film, so it can only be a matter of time before other companies start following in their footsteps.

Photography Guides

Well I know at least one person out there is probably interested in this, so I thought I'd post it up here for future reference...

Attached to this post, you will find an Excel spreadsheet to help determine exposure time (shutter speed) for a given f/stop, film speed and lighting conditions. Basically it's just a chart you can print out and use to look up what your shutter speed should be. For a much better explanation of how this works and what it's all about, see The Ultimate Exposure Computer, which was my source for the chart to begin with. Note that I have customized the chart for my own camera (a Nikon D50) and lenses, but it should still serve as a useful reference no matter what camera you're using. (I've cut off iso numbers above 1600 and below 200, and added the f/1.8 column, which doesn't fall into the normal "full-stop" sequence.)

Something's got to be wrong with this picture.

As much as I can appreciate the sentiment of government when they do things to save money, one has to start questioning things when non-Canadians end up on the voters list. CTV News is running a story about an American citizen who was sent a voter-registration card by Elections Canada. You can find the full text of the story here. Is it just me, or does anyone else think that this might be a sign that someone's not doing their job?

eBay on RSS

I came across this afternoon, and for any of you who are committed eBay users, you might want to check it out. Bascially it will let you set up a customized search. which you can then receive via email or RSS here on Searches can be set to expire after a specific number of hours, or can run indefinitely. Once it's set up, you can't go back and change the parameters (as far as I can determine anyway), but it's fairly sim

Season's Greetings

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Corey, Kim and Evan at!

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