Political Rhetoric

King Ralph?

Its probably a good thing for Ralph that he's retired from public office...  After the hooplah they gave Peter McKay, I can't imagine what the fall out would be from his latest speech.  :D

Looks good for Mr. Harper

Well folks, the preliminary reports from Elections Canada are showing the Conservatives with 110 seats to the Liberals 88. Obviously a few more polls and a few more votes to be counted, but could be that Canada's in for a change... Guess we'll see how this pans out tomorrow.

Actually, on closer inspection, this could be even more interesting than I thought... Not terribly different than I expected, mind you, but interesting nonetheless. With the numbers they're showing now, we're in for another minority governement - this time with the Conservatives at the helm. My guess is we'll be back to the polls some time before the end of the year.

Something's got to be wrong with this picture.

As much as I can appreciate the sentiment of government when they do things to save money, one has to start questioning things when non-Canadians end up on the voters list. CTV News is running a story about an American citizen who was sent a voter-registration card by Elections Canada. You can find the full text of the story here. Is it just me, or does anyone else think that this might be a sign that someone's not doing their job?

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