Merry Christmas

Mele Kalikimaka!

 Well, we are reluctantly back home in McMurray after a two week trip to Maui.  There's nothing quite like seeing the weather forecast of -32°C as you're getting on the plane for home...  On the other hand, knowing the weather while we were there made it that much easier to enjoy the beach and the pool.

 I haven't been particularly faithful in updating the website this year, but I did get around to adding some of the group shots to the photo gallery.  As usual, I was the official photographer for the trip, so I'll try to get a few more up before too long.  Check out the gallery pages for the full spread.

 In the interim, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our friends in cyber-space!



Conner the Kid

Katherine sent up some gifts for the boys on Evan's birthday...  I couldn't get Evan to pose for a picture, but Conner got into the spirit.  A little photo-shopping later and we have "Conner the Kid"...  Okay, I'm a geek, but I'm a proud geek! 


Conner the Kid


Past Due

Well, I have to admit that I'm past due to update the site.  We got back from California a little over three weeks ago, but the 1000 or so pictures I took have been languishing on the hard drive ever since.  Probably doesn't help that I've been working, working and working more.  Hopefully that will change going forward!

 In any case, check out the Gallery for the latest photo updates...  Evan was too scared of Mickey to get a photo, but Mater and Lightning McQueen were another story altogether.



Mom and Dad have been off in Scotland for a few weeks and sent the boys these postcards...  Thought we'd share them here for you to enjoy.


Photo Updates

Well the warm weather is finally here..  With it, the boys have been making the most of the backyard and the sandbox again.  Conner is right in there with Evan this year and enjoying the sand and grit.  There's a few new photos in the albums, for those of you who might like to see them.

Playing peacefully together (for 10 seconds at a time)
Hope the summer weather finds you enjoying it as much as we are! 


New photos in the gallery

Just in case you're interested, there are some new photos in the Gallery...  Will be adding to the album over the Christmas period, so check back for updates.

The Little Rugrats- an update.

Now that it is the end of summer we have been staying inside quite a bit!  Evan is pretty mild mannered so he is happy to play trucks indoors and usually stays out of trouble!  Conner is growing like crazy and has been practicing his crawling since 6 months old.  He is even starting to pull himself up to standing...Yikes!!  I have a feeling it won't be long before he will be walking.  The past week has been  a little rough on us because both boys have had colds.  It looks like they are finally starting to recover. 

Three Years Old

Happy Birthday, Evan!

Three years old, already!?  It's hard to believe!

For those of you who couldn't be here, there's some new photos in the Gallery from today's festivities.  Grampa made it up for the big day, and we had a few friends (ours and Evan's) over to celebrate.  Even Conner was in a good mood for most of it.  (He even let Grampa hold him!)

Happy Birthday, Doug-Doug

Too bad you couldn't be here... Kim baked a cake and everything.


New Pics

In the strange event that anyone is actually still looking for new pictures, there's a few new ones in the gallery as of today.  Click the pic below and it will take you straight there.


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