Expensive Weekend

Well I've been procrastinating about it for about a year...  To get a new truck or not to get a new truck.  As much as I like the 'burb, Kim hates it and it truthfully is bigger than we really need.  So I've been looking at trucks since at least this time last year.  I've spec'd out Sierras, F-150's, F-250's, Tundras, Tacomas, Rams, Dakotas and even an Audi Q7.  But the one that's consistently caught my eye for it's good balance between size, function, features and (in my opinion at least) looks has been the Ridgeline.  By chance, Consumer Reports' auto buyer's guide this year named Honda as their make of choice for consumer satisfaction.  That didn't turn the tide (the Sierra 1500 was their pickup of choice), but it didn't hurt the case either.

Since McMurray doesn't have a Honda dealership,  I coaxed Kim into a test drive on Friday afternoon while we were down in Edmonton...  After pouring through the truck (the backseats received a positive review from the two most frequent occupants) and both of us taking it out for a spin, we decided it was time.  So, aside from the color and a few of the trimmings, what you see in the image above should look very similar to what will be sitting in my driveway (although in metallic grey) about two weeks from now.  :D

I couldn't bring myself to spring $3,000 for the Honda DVD system, and I decided to pass on the running boards, but there aren't many other features it doesn't have.  I went  for the EX-L NAVI trim level, so things like a moonroof, leather seats and a premium sound system are all standard fare.  When the dealer got to the "Lower Front Bumper Treatment" (the little pushbar in the image above), Kim started grinning...  It reminded both of us of the brush guard that I liked so on my beloved Dakota.  Fortunately she didn't object when I added that to the package too.

Anyway, sounds like Kim's out of the shower and we have to hit the highway for home in a bit.  (Too bad it won't be in the Ridgeline!)

Merry Christmas

from Corey, Kim, Evan and Conner!!!

 Christmas Tree Well, we've been somewhat negligent in mailing out cards this year, but that doesn't mean that we're not thinking of you.  So forgive this shoddy excuse for a Christmas greeting and go enjoy the season! Christmas Tree

Wishing you all the very best for this Christmas and the new year!


Halifax - Vancouver Island Cross-Country Tour

Well, I've spent the last couple of weeks out east in Halifax.  I had the chance to participate in an Operations Integrity Assessment at the Imperial Oil refinery in Dartmouth.  Definitely a great experience.  Met some good people, saw a part of the country I'd never been to and (more to the point I suppose) learned a whole lot about life as part of the ExxonMobil family, as well as got a chance to see how other folks in the industry do business.  Granted Syncrude isn't quite an Exxon facility, but we seem to be seeing more and more influence on how we work.  Don't quite like all of it, but the principles are sound, I'll give them that.

Anyway, the point of all that rambling is that now that I've been back for a whole four hours I've got to pack my bags again...  We're headed out to the other coast tomorrow to visit Mom and Dad for a little while.  Evan's about as excited as I've seen him in a long time.  (Of course, given that I haven't been here for two weeks, I suppose that it might not be a fair test.)  This will also be Conner's first big trip and first time in an airplane, so we're a little anxious about what that may bring.  At least it's only two short flights!  Wouldn't want to consider the implications of bringing across to Halifax...  There was one little one on the plane today and she seemed to do alright, but we all know Conner can be a little stubborn when he wants to be...

In any case I think my laundry's just about done...  Time to go (re-)pack.  And then I think I'm going to hit the sack...

Cheers, folks!

Add a little spice...

I haven't always been a sucker for hot-n-spicy...  There was a time when mexican cheese-whiz was enough to make me break out in a cold sweat.  After living in Lister Hall at UofA, though I acquired a taste for Tobasco; or any other spice that was strong enough to mask the blandness of the dorm cafeteria.  Lately my personal favorite has been the Garlic Pepper Tobasco, but when I couldn't find it at the grocery store yesterday, I opted for some Frank's Red Hot Chile-n-Lime...  Sadly I only got a fleeting taste of that particular bottle, as I dropped it on the driveway before I could even get it in the house.

That little bit I did manage to lick off my fingers though was enough to make me go back and get another bottle today...  Unfortunately, I already had some steaks set aside for dinner and I've never been a fan of spicy steaks so no main dish with the Frank's tonight, but I did slather it all over my baked potato.  Given that I'm not particularly fond of potatos (unless they're deep-fried and covered in salt), I've gotta say that Frank did a hell of a job on his latest addition to the Red Hot lineup.  Hot enough to make your tongue tingle, but you can still taste the lime...  5/5 peppers in my book!  Good stuff!!!

Oscar and Arnold, Move Aside... Here Comes THE FAT CAT

And I thought Oscar and Arnold had the market cornered on obsese cats. Turns out that there's a cat in China that makes those two look like kittens. Check out the picture below:

Full story is here

Create your own wishlists

Kim is always giving me a hard time because I never have an up to date wish list of things I'd like when Christmas or my birthday roll around. Likewise, Kim never seems to have a complete list for me... So I was going to try and write a new module for Drupal, but as it turns out someone beat me to the punch. So, checkout the new wishlist section of Feel free to create your own to let us know what you want.

Just remember, Kim: you asked for it. ;)

PS: You'll have to be logged in before you can create or view a wishlist! If you're not logged in, it will tell you that there are no wishlists on this site.

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